How to Create Your YouTube Channel

Create Your Channel

  1. If you do not have a Google e-mail (G-mail) account or an e-mail account registered with Google, then go create one as it’s required in order to create a YouTube account.
  2. Go to and sign-in.
  3. In the upper right-hand corner, you will click on the letter that is either the first letter of your account name or e-mail address.  For me it was an “S”, see below.

4.  You will then click on “Create a channel” as highlighted above.

5.  You should then see:

6.  You will then be presented with an option “Choose How to Create Your Channel”. You have the option to choose your name or use a custom name (for example a business or organization name.)

7.  In this case I chose “Custom”.

8.  Enter the name of your channel, agree to the “I understand…” and hit Create.

9.  In this case, I named it “New Channel”.

10.  You can then fill out the Channel description and any other social media accounts, etc. if appropriate for your situation.

11.  You just have to put something in the description if you want to hit “SAVE AND CONTINUE” otherwise, you can click “SET UP LATER’.

12.  After clicking “SAVE AND CONTINUE”, you should see the following

Uploading Videos

13.  Click on Upload Video

14.  Click “GOT IT” and then select the file you want to upload (video file).  You should see something like the following, except with your video.

15.  Give it a Description and then click “Next”.  You will get the following:

16.  You need to answer whether it’s made for kids or not.  Once that is answered, you can click “next”.  There are other optional fields that can be filled out, but I’m not covering those at this time.

17.  I’m not going to add any Video elements at this time.  It is optional.  Click “NEXT”.

18.  Here, you get to select “VISIBILITY” of the video.

19.  Here is where you determine who can see your video
(Note: This also applies to playlists as well).

    1. If you select Public, the video is viewable to anyone regardless of if they have a YouTube account or not.  It’s searchable as well.
    2. If you select Unlisted, the video is not viewable to anyone who just browses your channel or even searches for it.  It’s only viewable to those you give the “Share” link to. 
    3. If you select Private, then the video is only viewable to you and to anyone you “Invite”.  These people must have a YouTube account and have to be logged in, in order to see your video.  The maximum number of people you can invite is 50.

20.  In this case I selected, “Unlisted” and then clicked “Save”.

21.  I now get this pop up with the link to the video.  Since I made it unlisted, anyone I give that link to can view that video.

22.  You can then click CLOSE.

23.  You will see your videos here:

24.  The visibility column will tell you whether the video is Public, Unlisted or Private.

25.  You can change it by clicking on its status (in this case, Unlisted).


26.  If you have videos that you want only certain people to see and don’t want to be limited to 50 people, you can make a Playlist, add those videos to the playlist and make both the videos and playlist as “Unlisted”.  You can then share the link to the playlist for those that you want to see the videos.

    1. One way to “secure” this is to take the link of the shared playlist and put it on a secured website.  Contact us for more info on how to do that.

27.  To Make a Playlist, click “Playlists” on the left-hand side under “Videos”.

28.  Click on “New Playlist”, in the top right.

29.  You will get the following window:


30.  Here you give the Playlist a Title and select it’s visibility on the lower left.  It defaults to Public, in this case I want to make it Unlisted.  Select the visibility you want and click “Create”.

31.  It will create the Playlist, and it should look like this.

32.  From here, I will now click on “Your Videos on the left-hand side, which will bring me to my list of videos.

33.  I’ll take my mouse and hover over the video until I get 3 vertical dots and then click on those dots.  It will look like the following.

34.  I want to add this video to my new playlist, so I will click on “Save to Playlist”.

35.  Click the list you want it added to and then just close the box or click outside the box.

36.  I will now see my playlist on the left-hand side under “Watch Later”, when I click on my “Test List” playlist, it will show my video that I just added to it.

37.  You can now click the “Share” icon

38.  You will now get the link to the playlist.  Copy that and give it to just the people you want to access it, and they will be able to access it.  This playlist is unlisted, so people won’t see it by browsing your channel, and it won’t just come up on YouTube.

39.  In the next screenshot, you can see I am not logged in, I just took the link from above and went into a new private browsing window and pasted it in. I can see the video in the playlist.  If this was a private playlist and video, this would not work without me logging into YouTube.

40.  Now if I just go to my channel without logging in, you will see that I cannot see the unlisted videos.

41.  Now, if I log in, you will still not see your videos if the “videos” is selected like it is in the above screenshot.

42.  In order to see your unlisted or private videos, you will need to click “Your videos” on the left-hand side of the screen.  See below.

Instructions created by Tony Bojko of Sail-On Enterprises LLC (also RSB Tulsa coach)

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