How to Create Your YouTube Channel

Create Your Channel  /  Uploading Videos   /  Playlists Create Your Channel If you do not have a Google e-mail (G-mail) account or an e-mail account …

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Blonde woman working remote

Tools and Tips for Enabling Remote Workers

With everything that has happened over the past couple of weeks and with people continuing to be quarantined, we wanted to provide some resources and …

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Startup OKC graphic

Startup OKC

A month ago, I experienced my first time attending / being a sponsor for StartupOKC. It did not disappoint! The volunteers that run StartupOKC were …

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Stock photo of desk

How to Get Started with Google Analytics

You have a shiny, brand-new website. It looks great, loads quickly, has all of the bells and whistles you hoped it would. But having a …

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Blog graphic

3 Reasons to Keep Your Systems Up-to-Date

When was the last time you used your phone? Or computer? What about your smart TV? In today’s world, we are using some type of …

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Blog graphic

How to Get More Out of Your Website

Websites. Nearly everyone has one, and if you’re in business, you should definitely have one if you don’t. Do you know what makes any given …

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Blog graphic: the cloud

Operating in the Cloud

By now, everyone has heard the term “the cloud” when referring to technology…sounds hip, huh? The phrase “it’s all in the cloud” makes it sound …

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Blog graphic: Choosing the right tools for your business

Choosing the Right Tools for Your Business – The Spreadsheet

You’re smart. You know that it’s important to use the right tools for any given job. You wouldn’t use scissors to mow your lawn (unless …

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Blog graphic: WordPress when left unmanaged. How to ensure security and effectiveness of your website through proactive and proper managed web hosting.

WordPress – When Left “UnManaged”

Many of you either currently have or have had WordPress sites that you created yourself – and that’s great. I want to give you props …

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