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Customers Don’t Care About Your Systems

You think it would be obvious but so many places overlook their customers’ user experience.  How does this happen?  Isn’t the customer always their number one priority?  Over the next few weeks, I’ll be looking at different aspects of the customer user experience. Today, I’ll use a personal example of a negative customer experience that should never happen.

I recently moved and needed my business internet connection to be transferred.  You’d think this would be straightforward.  There isn’t really an easy way to do it online, so I had to contact my sales rep to get it done. He made sure I wouldn’t get charged with new activation fees, etc. – which is great – and the service was scheduled and successfully installed at my new location.  Now I’ve been on auto-pay, so I expected that when the service transferred the billing would transfer with it.  Apparently, that is not the case as I had received a notice from the provider that I had not paid for the past 2 months of service even though I was on auto-pay and they were successfully charging my credit card.  I contacted my sales person and he’s in the process of digging into it.  I then logged in online only to find out that they didn’t move the service but instead added a line of service to my new address while still keeping my old service active at my old address.  I’m still working with the provider to get this fixed but the point I want to make is the customer DOES NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR BACK-END SYSTEMS.

Customers want an easy to use and easy to control experience.  I should be able to transfer service or add features without the billing or the service itself getting messed up.  The issue above is directly related to how the companies back-end systems do and do not talk to each other properly.  Many of these large service providers are so used to having to do what the system was built for 20 years ago that they do not realize the amount of money they are actually losing because customers can’t do what they want without having issues.

These issues exist in companies of all sizes with varying types of services.  Many times, the people working at the company are too close to it to realize how bad the user experience is for their customers. They forget that the customer DOESN’T CARE ABOUT BACK-END SYSTEMS.  Today’s #simpleitadvice is to review and improve your customers’ experience.  Get an outside person’s point of view.  Work with a place that will help point out your deficiencies and will help provide you solutions.

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