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How Do I Select the Right Software?

If you are an IT Manager, you have probably been tasked in finding a software that solves need “X”.  And there is usually pressure to find and implement that software solution as soon as possible.  You make a few notes on what it needs to do, start researching online, contacting vendors, etc. until you have a handful of quotes.  Eventually you narrow it down, have the software implemented, and learn how it works all to find out that it doesn’t solve need “X” as well as you thought it should.

What happened?  You wrote the business needs and vetted vendors…but why isn’t this working like you thought it would?

The answer is that there is more to the need than what is indicated at the surface.  Being able to do a detailed requirements analysis and knowing to ask the right questions is key in solving any need, but is crucial when determining a solution to a business need.  Asking the so-called “off the wall” questions gives you much more insight into what you are really looking for. Mapping out this analysis then gives you a holistic view of the needs and priorities. It will tell you the necessary features and nice-to-have features.  A follow-up session with the “customer” reviewing all these details most often leads to items they have not thought about or impacts to other business processes/systems that they had not considered.

This also gives you a complete set of requirements that can be used when researching solutions.  Too often, we want to implement a solution before we have a full understanding of the requirements.  Use this #simpleitadvice tip to make your next solution selection a successful one.

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