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How to Build a WordPress Site without a Developer

Making your own WordPress site is a much easier task now than it used to be, and depending on the features you need, you could possibly do it yourself without the help of a web developer. If you work with a Managed Webhosting Provider, it becomes even easier as you no longer need to be concerned with the WordPress base configuration, security, or backups.

What gives your website a “look and feel” is called a theme and there are currently many quality themes available for a fraction of the cost of what a web developer would need to charge if building you a 100% custom website. This gives you a professional looking site without having to know all of the technical details of web development. You can change the text and swap out images for your site while maintaining the rest of the functionality. Some themes are set to just have customizable text and images , while others are more configurable and have a slight learning curve before they can be fully implemented. The variety of themes now is such that you can find one that will work for you, especially if this is your first site and you are looking for something simple.

You can find a variety of themes here

Make sure the theme is supported and is “responsive” (mobile friendly) i.e. works on your smartphone or tablet. Installing the theme is pretty straight forward. however, if you host with Sail-On Enterprises LLC, we’ll install the theme you purchased on your site as part of your managed hosting package. You can then configure it and make it your own.

Look for more tips coming soon that will answer questions like “I bought my theme, now what???“

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