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2 Special Tips for IT Project Manager

There is a time and place for project management, and what I call practical project management. Today I’ll provide two practical tips for IT Project Managers.  The first tip – and what’s been very effective for me – is don’t just sit at a desk.  It’s very difficult to be an effective IT Project Manager when you are only sitting at your desk. Go talk with various team members, have sidebar conversations with stakeholders, use your soft skills to get and maintain a pulse of your projects.  You really want to be aware of show-stopping issues before they become show-stopping issues.  Develop key relationships and build trust between the team and you.

The second tip is get to know the key players.  This may seem obvious but I’m not talking about the stakeholders and team leads. (Even though it’s vital that you know them, they are not the only key to your project’s success).  Every project has at least one team member that is not in an official leadership role but is the glue to the team. And without this person and their support, the project doesn’t go as well.  Find out who that person is, as he or she will provide you with insights both positive and negative to the project. They will give you key indicators that you can use to identify issues or improve processes and communications in order to keep the project running smoothly.

I hope you will find these #simpleitadvice tips useful.  I’d like to hear what you think.  What challenges have you had in managing IT Projects?

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