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Why You Should Care if Your Online User Experience Fails

Your customers use your website and your online services, but is that experience enjoyable?  Will your customers want to come back? Would they recommend your service or product to a friend? You may have a responsive website, but that doesn’t mean the user experience is great.

What is the main requirement of a great user experience?  It must meet the exact needs of the customer without any hassle.  It’s more than just having a great user interface (UI).  As important as the UI is, by itself, it cannot create a great user experience.  The processes that make up the service, engineering, marketing and more must all come together and align in a way that provides a high-quality experience.  Customers become very annoyed and frustrated when they cannot simply consume your service.

Today’s #simpleitadvice tip is really a TO DO. review your online services from the view of your customers. The customer doesn’t know your system and doesn’t take that into consideration when using your website or online services. Get independent customer input.  If the experience is not superb, you have work to do.  Don’t let your online experience failures cost you your business.

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